“Sami hasn’t stopped talking about how awesome your on-camera class was! She really really loved it!” - Dana Bray, mother to Sami, age 11

“Jen, I took your animated voiceover class last week and you offered so many gems of wisdom, one of them being that your slate has to be so good that they want to keep listening. Well, today I had an audition and the other actor reading with me said that my slate alone made them want to hire me! I have to give you credit!” - Eva Kantor

“Wow. I just booked my first major motion picture role. I am so excited! I couldn’t have done it without your help Jen! No matter how tough things get and how many times I hear no, you’re always supportive and so proud of me! Your workshops and one-on-one coaching and your book always help by giving me fun step-by-step guidance on how to be a better actor and how to act on set. Thanks for being so awesome. High fives!” - Ella Madison

“I booked a recurring role on an HBO show and wanted to thank you for all your support when I was interviewing with agents and all the great training in your workshops. I am so grateful for everything!” - Mikey Moughan

"My son just finished his first booking: a voiceover commercial PSA! He was glad to have had the experience from your voiceover workshop last March so he was familiar with the studio, equipment, and process!"  - Rachel Cardin

"Your sessions really helped me throughout my New York experience! Your guidance and expertise helped me land a callback in a Verizon commercial, and helped me figure out and dissect a character for a self-tape request for a movie!"  - Kate Markus, age 12 

"Jen is a very dedicated and knowledgeable acting coach. She brings a wealth of experiences as an insider in the industry.  She is kind and encouraging yet instills that necessary sense of realism about the business. Our son attended one of her workshops several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Ever since, she has supported his career from his kid roles in National Tours and on Broadway to his now teen roles in TV and film. Along the way she has provided parental guidance and invaluable insight into the business. She is an expert in her field and knows what it takes to land the "big bookings." The direction she provides in preparing for auditions is "spot on" as she helps analyze sides, connect with the material to find an authentic voice. Under Jen’s guidance, we have watched our son grow into an accomplished young actor with a very bright future ahead. We are grateful to know Jen will always be a part of our son’s life as a mentor and friend."  --Kris and Mike Torchia (parents of Nicky)

"Thank you for being one of the few casting directors that treat our children like humans and not just another picture and resume…..It’s so rare."  -- Anonymous Parent